Game Boy

Simple paint

This is my first program I made for GB. I was just testing moving sprites and changing background.

You can download it here - (source included).

Clean painting field Nice painting, isn't it? ;-)

Demo 1

You can see, this is my first program for GBC. It isn’t done and I don’t know when (if :-) it will be.

You can download it here - (source included).

Objects started moving Objects has moved to another locations

Demo 2

Here, I am using this techniques: sprite changing, sprite moving, background changing (not scrolling) - I don’t know why it isn’t on the screenshot from NO$GMB. You can use cursor keys to move the object.

You can download it here - (source included).

Starting position Moved to the left corner

GameLad translation

GameLad is GameBoy emulator for Windows written by Torbjörn Söderstedt. I wrote Czech translation for it.


Czech translation:

Language settings Emulation started